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Providing Efficient Liquidity Management and Market Making Mechanisms for ERC404 Assets

A protocol for liquidity management and market making based on the 404 standard


Efficient Capital, Accelerated Profits


Unlocking Efficiency and Profitability

SecretKey leads in NFTFi innovation, blending advanced 404-standard protocols with risk hedging to redefine financial efficiency and maximize returns. Our platform empowers liquidity providers with unmatched capital efficiency, offering a seamless experience in the evolving NFTFi sector.


Minimize Exposure, Maximize Gains

Navigate the NFTFi market confidently with SecretKey. Our delta-neutral strategies and hedging mechanisms significantly reduce volatility exposure, ensuring higher returns with minimized risk. We transform asset security and profitability in NFTFi.


Automated, Optimized, Profitable

Step into the future with SecretKey. Our protocol simplifies participation for providers, ensuring capital is utilized efficiently. Through automatic rebalancing and fee compounding, we achieve the highest possible yields, setting new standards for liquidity in NFTFi.

Facts and Figures

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Seamless trading, anytime, anywhere


Intuitive, effortless asset management


Instant exchanges, maximized efficiency

About Us

An automated market maker (AMM) pricing algorithm based on the ERC404 protocol, this algorithm focuses on utilizing bonding curves to manage liquidity depth and volatility in the NFT market, while also supporting direct exchanges between ERC404 tokens and ERC20 tokens

By implementing this pricing algorithm, we can provide an efficient, transparent, and market-adaptive liquidity management and market making solution for ERC404-based NFT assets.


Innovative Automated Market Making (AMM) Pricing Mechanism

Our algorithm is an innovative Automated Market Making (AMM) pricing mechanism designed specifically for the NFT market, grounded in the ERC404 protocol. It optimizes liquidity depth and manages market volatility through the use of bonding curves, while also enabling direct exchanges between ERC404 and ERC20 tokens.


Joining Forces with Leading

Partners to Shape the Future of NFTFi

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